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The following packaged deals will be available for the next FOUR WEEKS. All you need to do is book and confirm your service within the specified time frame and you pay the fixed prices that are listed below (Note: Additional Services not listed below will incur additional charges on day of services completed, these can be given when enquiring a service or on day of arrival by our team) 


Our deals will be available from 18th March at 9:00A.M until 18th April at 9:00A.M , You have ONE FULL MONTH to get in for the best deals possible. Please ensure you  read through inclusions with the deals below before making any bookings. 


Note: ( You need to book and confirm your service within these dates to be eligible for the below prices , YOUR service must also be held within the timeframe above for the set service prices . These prices are given for guideline and can change once Inspections of properties are completed)




Monday to Friday-Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning - Room No.Service
  Basic   Deluxe
1-3 Bedroom + FREE RUG clean $70   $90
4 Bedrooms + FREE RUG clean $80   $100
5 Bedrooms + 6th bedroom FREE + FREE RUG clean $99   $124
Additional Room/s $20   $30


Saturday and Sunday-Steam Carpet Cleaning


Steam Carpet Cleaning Room . NoService
  Basic   Deluxe
1-3 Bedroom + FREE RUG clean $98   $108
4 Bedrooms + FREE RUG clean $108   $128
5 Bedrooms + 6th Room FREE + FREE RUG clean + FREE internal pest management $123   $143
Additional Room/s $35   $50


Bond Cleaning (Booked&Confirmed)-   Guideline until Inspection


Bond Cleaning ServiceService
  Monday-Friday   Saturday&Sunday
1-2 Bedrooms / Up to 2x Bathrooms / 1 Kitchen/ 1 Lounge/ 1Dining  $300    $350
 3-4 Bedrooms/ Up to 2x Bathrooms/ 1 Kitchen / 1 Lounge/ 1 Dining  $450    $550
 EXTRA Bedroom  $60    $80
 EXTRA Toilet  $50    $75
 EXTRA Bathroom+Toilet  $100-150    $120-170
 Garage  $60    $80
 Balcony  $75-100    $100-$150
Exterior Laundry  $35-$55    $60-$85

Service Inclusions:

Kitchen Clean- Cupboards wiped and washed. Oven cleaned interior and exterior, range top and stove thoroughly wiped and sanitized. Floor mopped and polished. Countertops/Bench also wiped down and disinfected. Kitchen sink cleaned and polished. Walls spot cleaned (Note : This service can take up to 3hours to complete depending on size of kitchen area . Price is dependent on size and state of area)

Bathroom Clean- Tiles cleaned and polished. Cabintery cleaned thoroughly.Sinks and taps wiped down and polished. Watermarks on shower/baths removed . Mirror/s cleaned. Shower and/or bath sanitized and mould/residue removed. Walls also wiped down and sanitized. Scuff marks removed where removable. Bath tub cleaned , vacuum and mop floors.Toilet- Interior and exterior of toilet is cleaned and sanitized . Fragrance used also after completion of clean.(This service can take up to 1 and a half hours to complete depending on size of Bathroom) 

Bedrooms/Lounge/Dining- Window Skirts and blinds , window tracks . Scuff marks where removable. Fans , light bulbs and light shades cleaned.Cupboards or wardrobes cleaned. Carpet Boarders cleaned. General dirt , dust and grime removed.

Garage- Sweep floors, clean cupboards/shelves and drawers. Remove cobwebs. Clean light shades and interior of light bulb if removable to get rid of insect. (Additional Costs)

Balcony- Vacuum , sweep , mop floors . Wash/scrub sliding patio doors and tracks both interior and exterior, wash windows tracks and exterior.(Additional Costs)



Outdoor Cleaning (Booked&Confirmed)-   Guideline before Inspection


Outdoor Cleaning ServicesService
  Monday-Friday   Saturday&Sunday
Outdoor Garden Shed or Standalone Shed clean  $40-$60    $50-$80
 High Pressure Patio/Balcony Clean ( Price dependent on size)  $50-$200    $75-$250
 Lawns&Rubbish Removal (Price dependent on size/amount)  $50-$150    $80-$200
Footpath/Driveway Pressure Clean ( Price dependent on size)  $50-$150    $75-$225
 Exterior Windows/Tracks (Dependent on number and size of windows)  $50-100    $75-$150
 FULL PACKAGE- All above services completed same day DEDUCT $50      
DEDUCT $10 from a service if completed with BOND OR CARPETS      


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