New Build Cleans

Removal and disposal of debris of newly built homes/accomodation with options of additional services.

All "New Build" jobs will be charged at mrate as these services involve intensive cleanups as well as large surface areas (includes both floor and wall surfaces). Our employees will ensure an emmaculate job on any project given! Below is a run down on the current rates we have in position for this service .


Note: An inspection will be done prior to works commencing. Floor plans of entire property are advised to be at hand by client for the most accurate measurements to be completed..

Services available Monday to Friday.

Please enquire if wanting this service completed on a Saturday, as extra charges will apply .


Surface AreaCharged Rate (Residential)
Upto 250m2 $3.70    
251-350m2 $3.30    
351-500m2 $2.90    
501m2 + $2.20    


Surface AreaCharged Rate (Commercial)
Upto 500m2 $2.90    
501-700m2 $2.60    
701-1000m2 $2.30    
1001m2 + $1.80    

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