General Cleaning


Below states a list of the included tasks/ duties that will be completed during our General Cleaning Service. 


  • Kitchen- Walls spot cleaned , Bench tops wiped and sanitized, exposed areas on furnishings wiped (etc fridge, microwave,oven) , cobwebs removed, general dust and dirt removed, floors mopped, sink cleaned (ensure no dishes inside) window ledge wiped , air conditioning cleaned, blinds dusted. Any rubbish removed
  • Bathroom- Toilet seat wiped and sanitized , floor mopped, basin/sink wiped and sanitized, walls spot cleaned , any general furnishings dusted and cleaned (etc- shelves, drawers), window ledge wiped , blinds dusted , air conditioning cleaned ,rubbish removed.
  • Lounge- Floor vacuumed and/or mopped, furnishings dusted and wipe (etc. shelves , TV cabinet, lounge suites, coffee table) , walls spot cleaned, fans cleaned , cobwebs removed, air conditioning cleaned , blinds dusted,  rubbish removed .
  • Bedroom- Floor vacuumed and/or mopped, all furnishings dusted and wiped( etc. drawers, shelving, TV cabinet) , walls spotcleaned , fans cleaned , air conditioning cleaned, cob webs removed, window ledge wiped, blinds dusted.
  • Laundry- Washing machine and dryer wiped clean (exterior) , cob webs removed , walls spot cleaned , window ledge wiped, blinds dusted , floor vacuumed and/or mopped. 

(Note: Services completed on Weekends and also services not listed above have additional charges)


 Monday to Friday

 Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Spring Clean (3-6monthly)
First Clean (2 hours) - $65  First Clean(2 hours)-$65  First Clean(2 hours)-$100  First Clean(3 hours)- $200
 Following session/s (2 hours)- $50  Following session/s(2 hours)-$50  Following session/s(2 hours)-$85  Following session/s(3hours)-$180
 Additional Hour/s - $25  Additional Hour/s-$25  Additional Hour/s-$40 Additional Hour/s -$55


Saturday & Sunday

 Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Spring Clean (3-6 monthly)
 First Clean (2 hours) - $70  First Clean (2 hours) - $70  First Clean (2 hours) - $110  First Clean (3hours) - $230
 Following session/s(2 hours) -55  Following session/s(2 hours) -55  Following session/s(2 hours) -95  Following session/s(2 hours) -205
 Additional Hour/s - $30  Additional Hour/s - $30  Additional Hour/s - $50  Additional Hour/s - $65

Additional Charges

Here follows another table with our Additional Services as well as the rate charged per service.

(Note; if exceeding the 2hourly limit per session, you must pay the "Additional Hour" rate plus the "Additional Charges" rate listed for you service)

 Additional Services


Carpet Clean- Refer to Steam Cleaning page prices Pest Management- $15 per room  Blind Full clean (dust/ wipe and dry)-$3-$10 per window Dishwasher Interior Clean- $10
Oven Clean- $30 Toilet Interior Clean- $15 Window Track/ Frame/ Glass - $5-$15 per window (dependant on size) Washing Machine/Dryer Interior- $5
Wipe full interior walls- $10 Fridge Clean- $15 Pantry/Cupboards cleaned (interior)- $25 Dishes washed/ loaded-$10

Our Services

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