Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning involves our employees cleaning the interior of an entire property from top to bottom, as this is primarily for clients to receive bond payments back. 


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Service Inclusions:

  • Kitchen Clean- Cupboards interior and exterior wiped down. Oven cleaned interior and exterior, range top and stove thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Floor mopped and polished. Countertops/Bench also wiped down and disinfected. Kitchen sink cleaned and polished .

  • Bathroom Clean- Tiles cleaned and polished. Cabintery cleaned thoroughly.Sinks and taps wiped down and polished. Watermarks on shower/baths removed . Mirror/s cleaned. Shower and/or bath sanitized and mould/residue removed. Bath tub cleaned , vacuum and mop floors.
  • Toilet- Interior and exterior of toilet is cleaned and sanitized. Toilet paper holder cleaned . Fragrance used also after completion of clean. 
  • Bedrooms- Window Skirts and blinds , window tracks . Scuff marks where removable. Fans , light bulbs and light shades cleaned.Cupboards or wardrobes cleaned. Carpet Boarders cleaned. General dirt , dust and grime removed. Floor Vacuumed. Cobwebs removed.
  • Laundry- Laundry Basin/sink cleaned, linen cupboard wiped clean .Floors mopped. Windows cleaned completely. (Additional Cost if Exterior to main property)
  • Garage- (Additional Costs ApplySweep floors, clean cupboards/shelves and drawers. Remove cobwebs. Clean light shades and interior of light bulb if removable to get rid of insect.
  • Balcony/Patio- (Additional Costs Apply) Vacuum , sweep , mop floors . Wash/scrub sliding patio doors and tracks both interior and exterior, wash windows tracks and exterior. 
  • General- This accounts for services carried throughout all areas of house. Dust and dirt removed from all fans, light covers/shades cleaned, light switches cleaned , walls wiped and scuff marks removed where removeable , general build up of dust and dirt removed throughout property, cob webs removed , air conditioning cleaned interior and exterior. Windows/Tracks cleaned on interior ONLY . Floors vacuumed and/or mopped . (Additional Charges for Insect Screens)

Note; Bond Cleaning services DO NOT include Steam Carpet Cleaning - this can be added with the charges listed on our "Steam Carpet Cleaning" service page.Also please ensure that the area/s that our team will be cleaning hold NO household or furniture in that specified area as we are NOT furniture movers . If there are contents left within the areas' being serviced you will be charged an extra $50 per room for removal .

Services available Monday to Friday.

Extra charges applied for Saturday.

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